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Enjoy beautifully designed silver coins while simultaneously adding depth and security to your investment portfolio with the online selection available from Guardian Gold. Silver is quickly becoming one of the most popular precious metals around the world, with the cost per ounce considerably lower than many alternatives. Explore your investment opportunities with this tangible asset that continues to intrigue and reward investors around the world. 

Why Buy Silver Coins?

Just like gold, silver has a historic place amongst the different currencies that have existed across the world. For centuries, silver coins have been a mainstay in the economic development of countries, and they continue to represent a reliable, valuable form of currency.

Silver coins are a wonderful way to help diversify your holdings and expand your investment portfolio. By investing in physical precious metals, it is possible to protect your wealth against the effects of inflation and provides a level of security against any unforeseen economic downturns. Despite their industrial connections, silver coin prices generally move independent of stocks and financial markets, reinforcing this as a low-risk option for investment. They also allow you to be free of any counterparty risk as there is no need for another party to fulfil a contract or promise, unlike many cases with stocks or bonds. 

Another benefit of silver coins is that they are instantly recognisable – and therefore highly liquid – all across the world as forms of legal tender carrying a consistent value. This allows them to be quickly converted into most currencies with great ease, should you ever need it. 

While it is true that silver coins are generally more expensive than silver bars, this option for silver investment offers a greater sense of security and peace of mind for a potential buyer as they have been exclusively produced by a government mint, such as The Perth Mint, and therefore have unquestionable accreditation and value. 

Buy Silver Coins Online with Guardian Gold 

At Guardian Gold, we have a collection of beautifully crafted silver coins available to buy online, each one struck from 99.9% pure silver. By tracking the live market pricing for precious metals like silver, we can present the best, up-to-date prices for our customers and clients. 

For more information about buying silver coins online, contact us today and we will endeavour to supply you with the information you require to make an informed purchase.

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  • 1 oz Silver Diwali Perth Mint Coin

    $95.02 View Product
  • 1kg Perth Mint Silver Koala Coin 2022

    $1053.06 View Product
  • 1kg Silver Lunar Tiger Coin Perth Mint 2022

    $1123.06 View Product
  • 1oz Austria Philharmonic Silver Monster Box 2022

    $18911 View Product
  • 1oz Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins

    $38.37 View Product
  • 1oz Royal Australian Mint Silver – Coat of Arms Coin

    $40.02 As low as $38.77 View Product
  • 1oz Royal Australian Mint Silver Southern Sky Coin

    $39.62 As low as $38.62 View Product
  • 1oz Royal Australian Mint Silver Waratah Coin

    $40.02 As low as $39.02 View Product
  • 1oz Royal Mint Silver Britannia Monster Box 2022

    $18911 View Product
  • Dragon 2022 1oz Silver Rectangle Bullion Coin

    $40.02 View Product
  • Perth Mint 1oz Silver Kangaroo Coin 2022

    $35.52 As low as $34.7 View Product