Sell Bullion in Sydney & Melbourne

How do I sell my gold or silver bullion?

Selling bullion back to Guardian Gold in Sydney or Melbourne is an easy 3 step process:
Sell gold sydney

1. Present your bullion in office

Call us to book an appointment. Our consultants will test and evaluate brand and purity in office.

Key Registered Vaulting clients can simply call to sell over the phone.

lock in price

2. Lock in the price

We quote a live price, which updates every 3 minutes.

Recieve payment

3. Receive funds via EFT

Provide your bank account details, with funds clearing within 1-3 business days on average.

Metal Weight Buyback Price
Gold 1g $10
1oz $10
1KG $10
Sliver 1oz $10
1KG $10
Platinum 1oz $10
1KG $10
Bullion Storage Melbourne

Where can I sell?

All Guardian Gold offices are located within the high security vaulting branches of Guardian Vaults.

Guardian Vaults – 100 William St,  Melbourne, VIC 3000

Guardian Vaults – Lower Ground, 151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Thinking of selling a bullion product not listed online?

For quotes on selling bullion products which you don't see online, simply call our offices to speak to a bullion consultant.

Over 20 years in Vaulting and Bullion

“The Guardian Vaults Group has played a key role in the growth of the Australian bullion market over the past 20 years.

Our storage capacity for bullion has grown substantially with the acquisition of a former NAB vaulting facility in Melbourne and continued expansion of our Sydney facility.

Having celebrated our 20 year anniversary, we look forward to seeing the bullion market continue to grow, as gold plays an important role as a diversifier of Australian investment portfolios.”

Sally LaycockCEO - Guardian Vaults & Guardian Gold

How to sell bullion - a quick guide

Selling bullion is as simple as purchasing it, with our bullion consultants available in Sydney and Melbourne.

When selling back bullion it is important to note that most bars and coins are considered the same value at the point of sale. This means that bullion dealers typically pay the same price for various items, despite some having higher purchasing premiums when you buy.

Therefore, the most cost effective products to sell back to bullion dealers would be the standard gold and silver cast bars and generic bullion coins.

What is also important to note is that brand doesn’t typically effect your sell back price. As long as the brand is reputable and the purity is of international standard, then the buyback rate would typically be the same across brands.

Can I sell bullion for cash?

Guardian Gold only pay via bank transfer as a payment method when you sell bullion back to us.

Can I get a better price for selling silver coins?

Yes, you can at times get a better price than our standard rates when selling silver coins in original mint condition. Simply contact us with a list of your items so we can provide a quote.

Is it easier to sell smaller gold bars than larger ones?

It is just as easy selling back a 1 kilo gold bar as it is for selling a 1oz gold bar. We have the capacity to facilitate large bullion purchases.

Will you buy back industrial sized silver BHAS bars? (15kg + sized bars)

Yes. However, due to these industrial sized bars being over 15kgs in weight we do not re-sell them and have additional costs with transport and refining to melt them into smaller bars. The buyback rate on any industrial sized silver bars is Spot -$2 per ounce.

Want a quote via email?

Send us a list of your bullion items to receive a buyback quote