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While it is not promoted as a formal currency today, gold has been used for protecting wealth, bartering, and trading for longer than any other currency in history. Usually procured in the form of coins or bars, gold acts as a long-term store of value, providing more financial security and inspiring confidence amongst investors. 

When you are looking to buy gold bullion coins online, it is imperative to work with a provider that can guarantee weight and purity to protect your investment. Guardian Gold has a complete selection of gold coins available from the Perth Mint, ranging from 1/10 oz to 1-kilogram coins.

Why Buy Gold Coins?
It is no secret that gold is one of the best investments available, and purchasing bullion coins is one way of ensuring you acquire this precious material in its purest form, all while doing so in a safer, more secure, and confidential way. Gold also has a history of incremental value growth, even while other investments may be declining, so the purchasing of gold coins can also function as a way of stabilising a financial portfolio, as well as working against troubles like inflation. 

Storing Your Gold Coins with Guardian Vaults
There can be something satisfying about buying a tangible, visible product like gold coins. Not only are they easily convertible to any currency if needed, but the ability to hold and store physical items also creates a level of confidence for some investors who prefer to hold their wealth privately, rather than relying on a banking system or online brokerage account. The physical presence of gold also means that it cannot be easily hacked or erased, offering a further level of security in this digital age. 

To make your investment more seamless, Guardian Gold also offers secure storage solutions for your gold coins after the online purchase with our Guardian Vaults facilities across Melbourne & Sydney. This enables you to make a sound investment without needing to concern yourself with specialised deposit boxes and bullion storage, regardless of where you are located across Australia or beyond. 

Buy Gold Coins Online Today with Guardian Gold 
At Guardian Gold, we have a collection of gold coins available for purchase, with beautiful designs struck from 99.9% pure gold. With current, live tracking market pricing, we ensure that each of our products carry the best prices when presented to our customers. 

For more information about buying gold coins online and storage solutions with Guardian Gold, contact us today and we will work to provide you with the information you require to make an informed purchase to suit your needs. 

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  • 1 Kilo Gold Kangaroo Perth Mint Coin

    $83879.78 View Product
  • 1/10 oz 2022 Perth Mint Gold Lunar Tiger Coin

    $308.75 As low as $298.75 View Product
  • 1/2 oz Gold Kangaroo 2022 Coin

    $1368.74 As low as $1363.74 View Product
  • 1/2 oz Gold Lunar Tiger Coin

    $1373.74 As low as $1363.74 View Product
  • 1/4 oz Gold Kangaroo 2022 Coin

    $704.37 As low as $699.37 View Product
  • 1/4 oz Gold Lunar Tiger Coin

    $704.37 As low as $699.37 View Product
  • 1oz Gold Emu Coin Perth Mint 2022

    $2640.47 View Product
  • 1oz Gold Kangaroo Coin Perth Mint 2022

    $2634.47 As low as $2624.47 View Product
  • 2006 1oz Gold Kangaroo Coin – Perth Mint

    $2612.47 View Product
  • 2oz Gold Lunar Tiger Coin

    $5284.95 View Product