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Guardian Vaults is Australian’s largest and longest running privately owned safe custody facility. We are independent of the banking system and operate state-of-the-art secure facilities in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Proudly Australian owned and operated for more than two decades, Guardian Vaults has been the leading provider for safe deposit boxes and allocated bullion storage and remains Australia’s first choice. Since opening, Guardian Vaults has expanded to four sites across Australia, with total storage capacity over 750 metric tonnes.

Buy silver and gold bullion with confidence, as our facilities cater to all sizes of bullion storage from 20 kilogram capacity, right up to individual strong rooms with over 5,000 kilogram capacity. Across all sites in Melbourne and Sydney, Guardian has over 17,000 individual safe deposit boxes and safes, with a large range of sizes to suit all your bullion storage needs.

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Why Buy Gold and Silver Bullion?

Gold and silver bullion have maintained their purchasing power over millennia and are recognised globally as safe-haven assets. To protect your wealth over the long term, both metals are seen to behave positively in times of economic crisis or inflation. Precious metals can act as a hedge to an investment portfolio due to being uncorrelated to most popular asset classes, such as shares and property.

Why Guardian Gold?

  • 20 year history in bullion and secure storage.
  • 100% Australian owned and operated.
  • Authorised Distributor of The Perth Mint.
  • Authorised Distributor of the Royal Australian Mint.
  • Physical, allocated metals with segregated storage options.
  • Most secure private vaulting facilities.
  • Strong privacy policy and insurance.
  • Seamless solution for the purchase, storage, insurance, and liquidation of your investment in the future.
Specialised in Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Learning how to buy gold or silver using your superannuation can be a daunting experience. We have a complete solution for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF), which includes an annual audit of your precious metals and an easy account opening process. You can create an account under the name of the SMSF for both bullion trading and storage from anywhere in the country.

Easily buy silver and gold bullion, store and insure your holdings, and make sure your SMSF is compliant.

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How Do I Sell Gold or Silver Bullion?

We buy back all well-known and reputable brands and have strict protocols for testing all metals we purchase in store. Key Registered storage clients can sell over the phone during business hours, and those looking to sell in person can call our offices for a quote on any precious metals you may have for sale.

Current Buyback Rate

Gold Spot Price Value -2.5%

Silver Spot Price Value -3.5%

14 January 2022

Fed deletes ‘transitory’ from the dictionary

The gold market seems poised and ready for a potential breakout, but we just need enough momentum to get through USD$1,850 in the next few weeks to confirm. US inflation remains a persistent problem for the Federal Reserve and the gold market is beginning to doubt the Fed’s ability to control it. The CPI numbers released on Wednesday this week saw US CPI remain elevated at a much higher level than the Fed’s target, coming in at 7% year on…
BullionEducationGoldinflationSilverTechnical Analysis
6 January 2022

Welcome to 2022!

A warm welcome back from holidays from the team at Guardian Vaults to all of our valued clients! We have already seen some big moves in financial markets to start the new year, as the Federal Reserve turns as hawkish as ever. Tech stocks took a big hit overnight in the US with Cathie Woods Ark Invest ETF dropping -7% in a day. Interesting to see gold shrug off the latest FOMC minutes which talked of US Quantitative Easing ending…
BullionSilverTechnical Analysis
23 December 2021

Silver Price Signals a Swing Higher

The silver price has upset a few bulls of late, after retreating from a high of USD $25.00 per ounce in November down to a wash-out low of $21.40. But there are some positive indications from the recent price action, hinting that a significant low has now been formed. From a technical perspective, it was very important for the price to hold this key $21.40 level as it coincides with the recent lows all the way back to the major…