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The acquisition of gold continues to be popular among investors looking for a low-risk, secure opportunity. Following a string of financial crises across the world in recent history, the number demand for gold has increased dramatically as confidence in the banking sector and the stock market was shaken. It has since become more common for investors to purchase gold bars as a means of diversifying their portfolios and protection against economic risks. 

Guardian Gold is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of gold bars for investors looking to buy online, with purity meeting international standards and weights ranging from 1 gram to 100 grams. Review our extensive selection from the Perth Mint available today.

Why Buy Gold Bars?

If you are looking to buy gold investments in bulk, then gold bars may be the option for you. Interestingly, buying gold bars frequently proves more cost-effective than buying the same weight in gold coins, as the bigger the bar, the lower the cost by weight. This is a result of the manufacturing costs, such as pouring and stamping involved in minting coins and gold bars. For example, the cost of creating a one-ounce bar is generally the same as creating a one-hundred-ounce bar, which is then reflected in final prices put to investors. Naturally, the overall price will depend on the quality or ‘fineness’ of the gold bars you buy, which is why it is also important to source your investments from reputable suppliers like Guardian Gold.

As with any gold investment, gold bars can represent a safer way of hedging risk in your investment portfolio. You will notice that when other currencies, stocks or bonds lose value, demand shifts to gold and increases its value. The risk of cyber-attacks such as hacking or erasing records and accounts is also removed as gold bars offer a physical representation of wealth. For those looking for a highly secure, private storage alternative, we also offer remote storage options with Guardian Vaults

Buy Gold Bars Online with Guardian Gold & The Perth Mint 

At Guardian Gold, we have a collection of Gold Cast Bars and Gold Minted Bars available for purchase. Each of our products come with a government guarantee and are of the highest quality at 99.9% pure gold. Cast at The Perth Mint (a member of the London Bullion Market Association), our products come with an internationally recognised bullion brand. 

For more information about how to buy gold bars online with Guardian Gold, contact us today and we will help you select which options best suit your interests. 

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